Event Location

VHS City Haßfurt, Adult Education Center
VHS City Haßfurt, Adult Education Center

VHS City Haßfurt Ringstraße 16 97437 Haßfurt                        09521/950185

Travel options:


By airplane:


The closest airport is the one in Nuremberg. It is about about 95 km away

from the event location..


It lasts about one hour to go to Haßfurt by train or car, starting in Nuremberg.



By train:



There are good connections by train to Haßfurt am Main.


From the train station it is just a 10 min walk to the VHS City Haßfurt,

where the event takes place.

By Car:


Driving to Haßfurt by car, you have to take the highway A70. it doesent matter from which direction you come, as there is only one highway next to the city.


Coming from Schweinfurt, you have to exit the highway at exit 8 Königsberg i.Bay. / Donnersdorf / Theres.


Where as coming from the other direction, i.e. Bamberg, the right exit is the exit 9 Knetzgau.


After exiting the highway you just have to follow the traffic signs. They will lead you to the city Haßfurt wich is about five kms away.

Location map from Haßfurt am Main

Flyer 2023
Flyer Push Hands Meeting 2023.pdf
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Es hat sich gezeigt das es für Taiji - Übende (die noch keine oder wenig Erfahrung im freien Push Hands haben) kein Problem ist mitzumachen. Alle Teilnehmer sind sehr rücksichtsvoll miteinander umgegangen.

 Cheng Man-Ching:

"Invest in Loss - small Pain small Gain, big Loss big Gain"

oder wie Huang Sheng Shyan sagte:

"Umso mehr du fällst desto besser wirst du werden"

Wee Kee Jins  Taiji - School New Zealand
Wee Kee Jins Taiji - School New Zealand





Lieber Dietmar